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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  March 22, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman and it's time once again for the best videos of the day. and it all starts "right this minute." the fight that's an instant spring break classic. we've got the story behind a big guy who starts off yelling. >> and then pulls a mike tyson. bites the skinny guy's ear off. >> oh! oh! >> don't say we didn't warn you on this one, folks. amazing video of -- >> an incredibly close call. >> what looks like a top gun fly-by ends in a belly landing. teenage mutant ninja turtle fans are steamed about a director's remake. hear one guy's rant.
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>> michael bay has decided to take a giant crap all over my childhood. >> and we'll go to a store that's -- >> a little bit more sup supernatural than supermarket. >> do cameras show something -- >> haunting the store. >> or is it all a bunch of hooey? steven is going to get our show started today with some cell phone video and the story behind it. >> yep, it's spring break time, guys. woo! a lot of people are partying places like ft. lauderdale, florida. when there's a lot of people partying, you sometimes get videos that look like this. it's another fight. it's by the beach. and it looks like it's between a tall, skinny guy with no shirt and a larger, maybe overweight guy with some shorts on and a tank top. as this fight is continuing, listen to what somebody shouts. >> you bit my ear off! >> what, does he think he's mike tyson? >> let's rewind back to the
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beginning when this altercation starts. we see the big guy there in the gray tank top, goes up and starts yelling at this guy and then pulls a mike tyson from way back in 1997, bites the skinny guy's ear off. >> what? >> then the fight breaks out. the skinny guy definitely gets ice officer shows up.lly tases the skinny guy who is actually john lindman to break up the fight. but listen to what john says. >> i'll bite your ear off, man. >> i have to warn you, there are some graphic images to come. as we see john lind maman on th ground, talking to the officer, his left ear is completely off. >> whoa! oh! his whole ear is lying on the concrete? >> and he got tased. first he got his ear bit off and then a police tased him. >> talk about a bad day, right? we got in touch with the ft.
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lauderdale police department. they said the big guy, 6-foot, 300 pounds, fled the scene, he was charged on two counts of aggravated battery, one count of disorderly conduct. the skinny guy was put in cuffs, but john was not arrested after this incident. >> he's the victim in this. >> john explained to the police, look, the guy just came up from behind me and bit my ear off and if you look back to the video, yeah, they might have been having words with each other, but john is, in fact, trying to walk away from the situation when the big guy just comes in and takes a big bite. >> just comes up and grabs the guy. maybe he couldn't find a snack bar. >> oh, no! >> this next video is of an incredibly close call in eastern afghanistan. take a look. watch close in this video we got from funker530. you see an apache helicopter approaching at a really low altitude. >> whoa. >> buzzes this base in eastern afghanistan, does a really high arc and then turns around and
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comes right back from where he came from. watch this. >> oh. >> oh, boy. the helicopter bounces off the snow-covered ground, skips across the ground. and look at it in the distance. just flipping and twisting out of control. completely crashed no the ground. all reports i've been able to read say that no one was killed in this accident. believe it or not. not even the pilot. the pilot survived. >> it's up to debate right now whether these guys were doing what's called a return to target maneuver or if they were just showboating. >> i've got to also think it's a possibility they had a malfunction or something. >> that's amazing that no one was killed. >> those people that are on the ground were like feet away from being completely smashed by this thing. the army right now is conducting an investigation into what could have happened in this situation. right now not saying much. it happened apparently in early february. heavy rains caused flash
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flooding in west virginia, and, of course, cameras started rolling and videos have been popping up all over the internet. take a look at this video in mt. g gay, west virginia, technical college's logan campus. you can see the water creating waterfalls on this campus. water surrounded cars. you can see cars floating away from the parking lot. >> and people don't have a choice but just stand there and watch it happen. >> because so many of these cars were submerged in water, some people were actually trapped on campus during this flash flood. but there were no reports of any injuries. take a look at this part of the video. you can see the rising water coming up above the sandbags that they have placed by the doors. >> up to 18 inches of water came in to some of these buildings. >> and it's so dirty looking, too. >> this water is coming from an overflowing stream. the stream started carrying away cars, even in one case a
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dumpster. floodwaters caused damage to nearly 200 homes in the region and brishs were washed out. the governor has asked for fema assistance and the national guard has been called in to help in the clean-up process. luckily, this week this particular community college is on spring break. so they are able to do some of the clean-up and assess the damage while the students are in school. you can see somebody shooting with their cell phone as this dumpster gets washed downstream. >> that's recording the dumpster. he's like all right. this totally doesn't suck. this video proves why you need to pack patience when you're waiting to fill up your gas tank. this hummer, according to witnesses, was waiting in line to pull up to that gas tank. but you see this gold car right here? that's a gold jeep. i want you to see how the driver cuts in line and what happens next.
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>> whoa. >> whoa, whoa! >> what the heck? >> he just ran the gas pump over? >> according to witnesses, she swerveded when she jumped in front of that hummer, rammed the gas pump, and it explodeded on impact. >> are we sure she was breaking in line? maybe she was having some like physical problems. >> no, beth. she was not having a physical problem. because right after the accident, the doors bust open and she and a passenger jumped out and started running and they got away. >> those gas pumps are usually two-sided. good thing somebody wasn't pumping gas on the other side of that thing. >> no one was hurt. firefighters were on the scene pretty quickly. at this point, no charges will be filed. but this is the aftermath what have it looked like. >> it wasn't even close, too. it wasn't like she just nipped the thing. she bowled it over. >> that is the weirdest video i've ever seen. i don't get that. >> i don't get that. >> impatience. she was impatient, according to witnesses.
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♪ a brawl at mcdonald's caught on camera. >> oh, my god! >> but this isn't the first time this mickey d's served up this punch. >> see why this franchise is becoming a little too notorious for beatdowns. and this kid is on a mission to raise -- >> somewhere between $50,000 and $75,000. >> oh, nice. >> hear the inspiring story behind the teen's goal, later.
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we're several days past st. patrick's day now, but videos are still rolling in. this is caught outside a manhattan mcdonald's. >> oh! >> oh, my god! >> they had a whole crowd there watching. >> yes, they got an entire
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captive audience pressed against the window, and one person brought out their camera phone and caught this all on video. look at these guys right here, closest to the glass. >> that's a girl! >> what the [ bleep ]! oh my god, i want to go home. >> what happened? was there a police -- did police ever show up? >> the strange thing about this particular fight, this isn't the whole violence we have seen at this mcdonald's. if you remember a few months ago, we had the story of the two women who jumped behind the counter and mcdonald's employees attacked the two women with the pole? >> oh, yeah. >> that's at this exact same mcdonald's. and as this video surfaced, people started talking about that particular video, as well, because that cashier was just cleared of all charges against him. and the two women who jumped over the counter, they were indicted by a grand jury. we got a statement from the
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mcdonald's franchisee. and this is what she had to say. my organization has had many conversations with nypd. my restaurant manager called the police immediately to respond to the altercation that took place outside the restaurant this past weekend. safety will always be one of my priorities, and we'll continue to dialogue with authorities. >> they need to start serving more happy meals. just saying. happy meal, no fighting. >> oh, my god! super movie producer michael bay is making a new teenage mutant ninja turtles film which makes me want to say could you abunga but he is tinkering with the origins, saying they're going to be from some alient planet and not from the sewer. >> and in doing so, he has created a lot of fans who are not happy. >> michael bay has come out on record and said, listen, chill out, everybody. i'm working with some of the original creators, it's not going to be that different, relax. but relaxing the teenage mutant
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turtle fans are not. >> michael bay has decided to take a giant crap all over my childhood. >> this is ryan from the youtube channel ryanrightnow and he is ranting about this in something he is calling nerd rage. >> teenage mutant ninja turtles are no longer mutant. they are now aliens. but beyond that, they're no longer teenagers. how do we know when an alien is a teenager? >> i think his best argument is, if these guys are aliens, why would they need ninja weapons? >> shouldn't they have light sabers or something, some sort of crazy alien technology? why would they need to resort to ninja weapons if they're aliens from outer space. and you know what, they're no longer turtles either, because turtles are a species from the planet earth. >> i think michael bay should listen, because these are his true fans who are going to see the movie. >> the original movie was good. michael bay, don't even produce
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the sequel. how can they make it a sequel? he can't make it a sequel now if they're aliens. he's basically remaking an idea that wasn't his. >> damn you, michael bay! tomorrow on "right this minute." age 2, lives in denmark, and he knows how to jive. >> whoa. >> he's got moves. >> that's tomorrow on "right this minute." straight up. is this grocery store haunted? >> did you see that? >> you'll see it when we come back. haunted or not? you know what's annoying? round-abouts. see what happens in one of those hated round-abouts, next. cheeseburger macaroni?
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it's always amazing to see young people doing incredible things. the young manure seeing on your screen is 16-year-old josh kennedy noche. josh was born in russia. >> my birth mother had an accident, so they gave me up to the orphanage with intention of bringing me back home. >> he was given, along with his brother, to an orphanage. josh stayed there from the time he was 10 months old until he was about 4 1/2. >> they decided i had a better chance to live a better life with somebody else. >> an american couple adopted
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him and his little brother and brought them both to the united states. now the incredible thing about josh, hve back to this orphanage. he created a program called josh's project in order to raise money to help the children who are currently at the orphanage. >> i started this project to raise money for my orphanage that gave back so much to me. >> he decided in 2010 to raise money to help the kids have toys for their celebration, which is basically a christmas celebration. >> my goal was $2,500. i surpassed that with $4,700. >> his next goal was to help them improve their playground. >> last year i was able to raise enough money to have a festival. my goal this year is to build them a playground. because the current playground -- >> in 2011, he raised $29,000. the money he has raised so far went to computer and educational materials. 100% of the money you donate to
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his project goes directly to the orphanage. i wanted to find out more about josh through "right this minute" via skype in washington, d.c. we have 16-year-old josh kennedy noche. tell me what inspired you to put this much mayo in into this project. >> i wanted to give back to a cause. >> have you been back to the orphanage? >> no, ma'am. i have a brother and sister, they're kind of young. my parents want them to grow up a little. maybe next year. >> do you have a financial goal in mind? >> somewhere between $50,000 to $75,000. >> oh, nice! >> if you want to donate to josh's project, you can go to the website josh' >> squirrel wants a snack.
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this story in australia is a little more supernatural than supermarket. and you're about to see why. i found this video on addalade now. this is your standard supermark supermarket, and he says very strange things have happened. the latest activity was captured on his security camera inside his store. before leaving the store, norm made sure everything in the store was okay. >> at 11:30 that night, made a roll-up, and this flung out and landed on the floor. >> did you see that? all of a sudden -- there's nobody in the store. he says everybody is gone. and all of a sudden, they see that box of fruit roll-ups fall. did you see at that? >> weird.
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>> holy moly, that's a long way. >> somebody didn't put it back where it's supposed to go, and since the box is on an angle and slick surface, at some point it slid off and on to the floor. >> yeah, i mean, i like to believe in this stuff. but i think dude has got rats -- >> this is a roll-up, aisle two. here is the roll-ups in question. around the corner from where they were the following morning. it could be rats running around on the shelving and pushing stuff all over the place. and -- >> yeah, i agree. i don't feel like this is paranormal activity. >> i'm going against you guys. i think it's real. i think there is something in there. haunting the store. >> i just don't think one box of misplaced fruit roll-ups is a call for, you know, the ghost busters. okay. now you're just a few minutes away from the end of the show, and spending a lot of time on our favorite website, say it with me now,
3:22 pm okay. now back to the show. ♪ these friendly sandhill cranes just want to share a snack. but not so fast. see what happens when the french fries stop flowing. >> what?
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it's spring, and it's time to get your spring wardrobe
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ready. so wendy nguyen put videos together to show you what is going to be trending this spring. she starts off with our pastels. she suggests you pair the pastels with neutral colors to create a very feminine, spring fresh look. she also shows us that bright colors are very in. you see the orange paired up against the blue. and if you don't want to do two commimentary bright colors together, you can pair it with a patterned item, in this case a black and white striped blazer. so you take any item that has prints on it and pair it up with a very simple top. another one of her videos that she uploaded recently, she shows you how to do the distressed look. perhaps you have a pair of jeans you need to ramp up. and she shows how to do the distressed look yourself. you know what's annoying? round-abouts.
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>> oh. like traffic circles? >> yeah. and they have them everywhere. this round-about is in the u.k. and i think this driver, this bike driver, is really annoyed at this round-about. >> ooh. >> well -- let's think here. it looks like the car should have yielded to the bike e right? >> yes, the car should have dwreelded to the biker, but everybody gets confused at roundabouts, even in the uk. i don't know if it was in the blind spot but the car just keeps coming and smashes the biker. but he does like a ninja roll over the motorcycle. >> time to start seeing motorcycles. maybe all motorcyclists should have to wear neon colors. >> looks like he has a headlight on. that's pretty bright. >> this guy, as you can see at the end of the video, he gets right up after he gets hit. so no permanent damage and no serious injuries.
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but you've got to yield. you've got to yield in those roundabouts. sandhill cranes apparently like to hang out in wendy's parking lot. and apparently they like french fries. >> he was either very polite and cautious as he approaches the car. >> stranger danger. >> yeah. >> these birds, their legs are about as thick as the french fries. >> yeah, but they seem pretty docile, right? >> yeah, they do. >> sure, yeah. >> not so fast. >> what? this -- >> oh, my god. >> in the crane's defense. it was unfair to tease him with one french fry. you give him one, they get hooked. they're tasty. >> how can you eat just like one or two? >> she's like knocking on the window like hey, hey, hey. >> excuse me. >> i know you biggy-sized that.
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you've got another one you can give me. >> the ski run may be closed but that doesn't mean you have to stop skiing. nick martini shows us that in his productions video. it's kind of parkour meets skiing. that's going to do it for this edition of rtm. don't forget, another half hour of "right this minute" is on the way. of "right this minute" is on the way. stick around. -- captions by vitac --
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